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Company Overview

Parkville is one of the largest and fastest growing cosmeceutical companies in Egypt, employing over 400 people, and manufacturing and distributing over 125 products. The company focuses on building high quality prescription-based skin care, haircare, food supplement and muscle relaxants products, and has managed to build leading brands across key segments in the cosmeceuticals sector. Parkville also holds certifications from international accreditors for its quality, manufacturing, and management processes, including its state-of-the-art production facility in Alexandria.

Impact Intentionality

Our investment in Parkville closely aligns with our fund's impact thesis, to support sustainable and innovative businesses in emerging markets, that promote self-sufficiency and job creation in local economies. Through employment opportunities and completion of a new in-house manufacturing facility, the company contributes to technology transfer and skills development, while fostering a sustainable ecosystem of local suppliers and partners.
This shift also enables better control over production processes, ensuring product quality and consumer safety.
Parkville already provides high quality, and affordable products to women, who represent 80% of its customer base. In line with our commitment to gender lens investing, we see further opportunities for developing portfolio brands and channeling innovation towards products that better serve women’s consumption needs. Our post investment stewardship efforts will also focus on initiatives linked to sustainable packaging and climate change.

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